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About Weisser Ring

WEISSER RING is the only nationwide active victim support organisation in Germany. Our volunteers work in accordance to these professional standards.

The victim support provided by WEISSER RING is based on the idea of offering free help to victims of crime. The victim support workers provide one-to-one assistance in a voluntary and professional capacity. They have diverse life and work experience and are trained to act as contact person and guide so as to recognise each victim’s situation and provide suitable assistance.

Our civic engagement helps victims of crime to rebuild their lives after being victimized. We also cooperate with other full-time and voluntary organisations and partners in a constructive network. We are independent from state funding and we are committed to help victims of crime. The help offered by WEISSER RING is free of charge and is guaranteed for everyone, including non-members. Our victim support workers work on voluntary basis. They do not allow themselves any personal benefits for their work.

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