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VSE Annual Conference 2021 brings together victim support leaders from the public, private, academic and civil society spheres in a global virtual event to discuss the path forward.
As the conference is virtual, delegates can network via our online conference platform. Virtual chat rooms will be available during the event. You may find yourself networking with victim support professionals from across the globe!

This year’s edition ‘Transforming victim support: from dream to reality‘ is a celebration of the work the victim support community of the EU has done over the last three decades. From providing administrative, legal, psychological support to advocating for victims’ rights and policies, Victim Support Europe’s members have made enormous strides in the advancement of victims’ wellbeing across Europe. The community has many successes in 30 years — however, in the current political climate, the protection and promotion of victims’ rights is more essential than ever. Together, we can learn from the past and create a positive, actionable vision for the comprehensive victim support system in Europe: today, tomorrow and 30 years from now.